This site was created as a memorial to the people who lost their life savings in the Isle of Man bank, Kaupthing Singer and Friedlander, on the 9th October 2008 directly due to the incompetent actions of the then Chancellor, Mr Alistair Darling.

The 9th of October 2012 marks the 4 year anniversary of the Darling created disaster; our thoughts are with the victims, many who continue to suffer.

Thousands of British Citizens lost their life’s savings due to an act of sheer incompetence by the UK Labour Government in 2008, when they forced a London Bank to close.  They had previously told an Isle of Man bank to huge sums into that bank, knowing full well it was dodgy, which had largely come from British Citizens forced to bank offshore in the first place.


The disaster was of the UK Government's making. Nothing to do with any global economic crisis (although the Government damage-limitation merchants successfully went into overdrive to convince a gullible media and public that that was so).

To compound matters, the opposition parties (mainly the Conservative and Liberal Democrats) cynically stood by and simply watched in the hope that some extra votes may fall their way.


One or two MPs quickly realised the seriousness and extent of the problem but were confounded by bluff, cover-up and in some cases downright lies spun by the Labour party's damage-limitation teams.  However, they totally underestimated the power of the Internet and the resolve of those people whose lives they had destroyed.  As such this site will stand to tell the truth for ever more.  Darling, McCarthy-Fry, Pearson, Myners and Hector Sants may have been complicit in the wrecking of lives and families but they will not be allowed to get away with it.

And to add to the teeth kicks experienced by those so badly let down by the UK Government and FSA, the BoE 'has every confidence in Hector Sants and looks forward to him being deputy Governor in 2013'.  After Sant's involvment in this shameful affair we can only suppose the UK's Old Boys network is alive and well.  Shame on the Bank of England.

On the 26th of Feburary 2012, 1236 days since his blunder, Alistair Darling was interviewed by Elizabeth Day for an article in the UK's Guardian newspaper.  At no point did Ms Day ask Mr Darling about the events of the 8th October 2008, when he committed financial genocide on innocent people.  We wrote to Ms Day and the Guardian asking why this mayor event was not asked about and if Mr Darling had editorial control over the questions and what was printed.  We had no reply from either the Guardian or Ms Day.  We can only only assume therefore that Alistair Darling was allowed to select the questions and had editorial control over what was printed.  This is not a Journalism.
Shame on The Guardian newspaper & shame on Elizabeth Day

Desmond Tutu has called for Bush and Blair be tried for war-crimes in Iraq.  To this I would add that Gordon Brown, Alistair Darling, Hector Sants, Baron von Myners, Sarah McCarthy-Fry and Ian Pearson be tried for Financial Genocide and misleading Parliament.

As the forth anniversary of Alistair Darling's dreadful and destructive actions approaches, quite unnoticed by an ignorant British public and unreported by a negligent news reporting media, we pause for a minute to remember those people so badly affected by an uncaring society and failing political system.
Shame on Alistair Darling, Ian Pearson, Sarah McCarthy-Fry, Paul Myners and Hector Sants. Shame on those who gave them the ability to so destroy peoples lives.

- Updated 8th October 2012 -
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