'Peter' - a typical uninformed comment

Here is an example of a comment that is uninformed, wrong, and is made by someone who obviously doesn't read properly.  98% of comments are supportive of what happened but some are just nasty.  Here is an example;
Your case is quite unconvincing. It may be hard to open a UK account if you are overseas but there is nothing to stop you
changing your address on an existing account to an Australian one. You went instead to the IoM. Sorry but life is tough.
You should have spread your savings round 10 banks like I did. Some of us were careful like that and I am blowed if I as a
taxpayer should finance your mistake. 

PS. It would help your case if you had a friend who could correct all your spelling mistakes.
1. I have never asked for the UK Taxpayers to 'finance my mistake'.  Only for The UK Government to return what they stole.
2. I had had to put all my savings, temporarily, into a single account in readyness to transfer to Australia.
3. Cahoot had sent me, by cheque, my savings when they forcibly closed my account.  The cheque could only be drawn upon by a UK (including IoM) bank.
So, 'Peter', please think before making stupid smug and conceited comments.  Shame on you.