Andrew Tyrie - MP for Chichester

An excellent example of an MP who should know better, fundamentally failing his constituents by treating them as simpletons and fobbing them off.  This is an MP who is obviously 'being' an MP for motives other that 'serving his constituents'.
With several years as Senior Economist with the European Bank for Reconstruction & Development and a member of the Treasury Select Committee (whose only crowning glory has been to confirm that it is nigh on impossible for British Citizens without a UK address to have a UK bank account;  The Treasury Select Committee is more a social club than a serious 'think tank'). Andrew Tyrie could not have a better background for understanding what happened to Kaupthing HF and Kaupthing Singer and Freidlander IoM, nor be better positioned to lobby the Treasury/Government.  Yet his response and actions are typical of UK MPs - shameful in the extreme.  But then with a Party Chairman like Eric Pickles (Yes, Mr Tyrie is another of those Conservative MPs), who likewise is a shameful MP who doesnt actually give a damn about his constituents, it is not suprising...
The depositor, caught up in this UK Government created fiasco, wrote to My Tyrie on the 9th of October and the 12th of October. Not only did Andrew Tyrie get the depositors name wrong in his reply (amazing isn't it!  These are our Governmental representatives, yet they cant even get basic reading right), all he did was to send the FSC press release and recommend the depositor contact the FSC.  MP's may be stupid, but they seem to think the rest of the UK public are as well!!!  But then, maybe most of the UK public are indeed stupid for putting up with the political shambles we have.
Not overly happy with the MP's response, and hoping to push things along a little the depositor rang Mr Tyries secretary.  The result, a letter from Mr Tyrie (many UK MP's have not even managed to learn about emails yet either - hence use of 'snail mail') saying that he had written to Mr Aspden of the FSC and to Mr Darling.  Mr Tyrie was obviously unaware that the depositor could do that herself as she has the ability to write!  In fact Aspden and darling were receiving hundreds of letters at the time and ignoring them all.
Still not entirely impressed with her MP's response the depositor asked Mr Tyrie if he could possibly take part in the parliamentry debate on the 6th of November which was to discuss the Kaupthing Singer and Freidlander IoM issue.  Mr Tyrie could not be bothered to attend (and the small handful of MPs who did attend were so small in numbers they made little progress against the pre-meditated diversionary techniques deployed by Ian Pearson - the Treasury apologist - and his deliberatly misleading statements) although he did send the depositor the Hansard report on the debate, which the depositor had already read anyway (again, the MP obviously doesnt realise there is somthing called an 'Internet' which people can use to read things like Hansard reports)!  Mr Tyrie also was also good enough to send the depositor a reply he had received from the FSC - that he didnt note that it was a 'standard' fob-off reply already posted on the ksfiomdepositors site for all to see was just sheer incompetence.
The depositor - who had lost a sizable amount due to the UK Government bungling - continued to write to Mr Tyrie requesting a meeting at his surgery.  Eventually, on the 26th of
Janurary (over three months after the UK Government destroyed the lives of many British Citizens, and after over three months of trying to get her MP Mr Tyrie to take her seriously) the depositor received a reply to her many many requests for a meeting.  The reply offered a meeting on the 6th of March!!!!  Five months after the UK Government created disaster!!!! This man, Mr Tyrie, obviously didnt give a damn nor quite understood that a Government taking many peoples life savings away from them is a serious matter.  The letter from Mr Tyrie said "[Mr Tyrie] sees no point in you coming to an earlier surgery as he has not yet heard from HM Treasury".  Not only is the man a member of the Treasury Select Committee which had been having hearings about the UK Government initiated disaster, he obviously still didnt realise the personal disaster happening to some of his constituents and that a meeting would have helped a great deal, if only so that the depositor and constituent could talk about the issue!!  Then, on the 2nd of March, Mr Tyries sectretary contacted the depositor to cancel the meeting saying that he is 'pressing Lord Myners' (of the Treasury) for a reply.  No new appointment. No explanation.  Disgusting.
On the 7th of April, six whole months after the UK Government created this disaster that had happened to British people, Mr Tyrie's secretary sent the depositor a reply Mr Tyrie had received from Lord Myners.  That the reply received had been in the public domain for many weeks (prior to the 2nd of March in fact!) and had already been pulled to peices as a fobbing off text that didnt address any of the real points seemed to totally go over Mr Tyrie's head.
The depositor continued to write to Mr Tyrie and on the 21st of April he sent a copy of the IoM press release about the IoM's 'Scheme of Arrangement' and the 'Early Payment Scheme' (whereby the IoM Government would spoon feed desperate depositors, now living in poverty, with £10K which it would take back if any compensation evenually came).  That the Scheme of Arrangement had been entirely discredited as a scheme to get the IoM off the hook without any real benefit to depositors had been missed by Mr Tyrie.  This is someone who purports to be a Senior Economist!! - lets hope the European Bank never has to rely on his 'skills' otherwise God help their Reconstruction & Development plans...
This is an appauling catalogue of inaction, laziness and contempt for his Consituents. Mr Tyrie should more than hang his head in shame, he should apologise to the constituent.  Shame on Mr Tyrie, shame on the UK Parliament and shame on the people of Chichester for re-electing this individual in the 2010 General Election.