Clare Ward - Ex-MP for Watford

Fantastic.  Here we have an example of a Labour MP, quite obviously looking for promotion and ignoring the facts to make a reply that would be hilarious if it wasnt for the fact that British people were in the midst of a tragedy of epic proportions.
Clare Ward was a shameful MP who was obviously doing the job for reasons other than helping the people of her constituency. Disgusting.
A depositor, and constituent, wrote to Ms Ward laying out the facts and asking her to take the matter up with the Chancellor Alistair Darling.  It took many many letters to the MP but finally, on 24th April 2009 the depositor and constituent received the following;
Dear xxxxxx,
Thank you for your letter.
For the reasons set out in previous correspondence, I do not accept that the UK Government is the author of the mis-fortune that currently besets you.
However, I understand that it is now thought that you and other investors should at least 75% of your funds returned to you folllowing an announcement earlier today by the administrators of KSF IOM. I hope that you get all of your money returned to you but I do not believe that the problemss that you have faced result from actions taken by UK Government which had to act quickly to stop a heavily indebted bank from trading.
With best wishes
Your sincerely
Clair Ward MP
Must admit it is a ploy I have used in the past; refer to a previously sent peice of correspondance that I have never actually sent.  However, ignoring that, Ms Ward seems to miss a few glaring points.  The UK Government FORCED British citizens to use offshore banks when it brought the 2007 'Know Your Customer' legislation into force (this is now well documented and even confirmed by a Treasury Committee report);  the Government's financial authority, headed by the bungling Hector Sants, conned the Isle of Man bank into putting half a billion pounds into a UK bank the financial authority itself knew was dodgy; after shuting down the UK bank the UK Chancellor, Alistair Darling, ignored the fact that the bank had half a billion pounds of UK British citizens money and instead instructed the UK liquidator to give it to cat charities, millionaire chums of Labour (Dave Whelan) and select public companies that MP no doubt have shares in.
Clare Ward, Ex-MP for Watford, was quite willing to ignore the facts and make a reply (eventually) to her constituent that attempts to divert all blame from the UK Government. Shame on Clare Ward.  Shame on Labour.