David Hanson - MP for Delyn

Here we go again.  Another shameful MP more interested in getting his face on YouTube rather than actually acting for his constituents.
The constituent, again (like most others mentioned on this site) having moved abroard and forced to use an offshore bank and having lost most of his savings due to the actions of Alistair Darling, wrote to his MP asking for the matter to be raised with the Treasury.  As usual all the MP could do was to write (well, get his apologists to write!  He was probably on the golf course) to the Treasury having glanced at the constituents plea of help.
As usual with the baron von Paul Myners he xeroxed the standard response and sent it back after a standard 3 month delay.  As usual with UK MP's - of all political Parties - David Hanson just sent it on to the constituent.  The fact that the constituent had a small pile of identical letters from the baron is probably irrelevant but at least Hanson had the courtesy to string a couple of accompaning sentences to the email;
Dear xxxxxxxx,
Further to my previous correspondence, with regard to the matter you raised with me, I have now been contacted by HM Treasury.
I have been advised that it was the responsibility of the Isle of Man’s regulator to assess how the failure of the parent company in Iceland would affect the Isle of Man. Ultimately this is an Icelandic problem - although the Treasury does have information on the matter. KSF IoM was put into liquidation, triggering the Depositors’ Compensation Scheme (DCS). This means creditors will be paid as soon as practically possible. On bailing out the Isle of Man, the IoM responded to the UK Government that they did not require financial assistance to pay up to £50,000 per depositor.  Further information is available on the Isle of Man’s website, as well as the KSF website. You will see that the letter from HM Treasury gives further information for non-residents, KSF UK.
I am very sorry it is not a more positive outcome for you. However, you may wish to contact the Isle of Man for more information and advice. If you wish to make any comment on the contents of the attached letter, I will be more than happy to pursue this matter further for you.
Best wishes,
Yours sincerely,

David Hanson MP
So, ignoring the facts laid out by the constituent (forced offshore, FSA advising KSF IoM to put £550Million in the UK bank then Darling shutting it down based on a lie) Hanson states that 'Ultimately this is an Icelandic problem'.  No Mr Hanson, if you could be bothered to learn the facts rather than spend tax payers money getting a narcissus video of yourself on YouTube then you would learn that ultimately it is an Alistair Darling problem and that at least one person has taken their life and that thousands more are destiture because of your Chancellor.
Shame on you David Hanson and shame on those you have conned into supporting you.  Moreover, shame on the people of Delyn for not seeing for con and voting you back in the 2010 General election.