Fabian Hamilton - MP for Leeds North East

Yet again here is an example of an MP who seems to fob off his constituents with a reply that looks like he is doing something when in fact he couldn't give a damn.  The depositor and Mr Hamilton's constituent wrote him and received the following reply;
Dear xxxxx,
I am very much aware of the KSFIOM situation, and because I have had a longstanding relationship with Iceland, I am in direct contact with the Icelandic Government. I am trying to help find ways in which the Icelandic Government can trace the banks' missing assets so that British and other foreign investors and depositors can be repaid in full. I do have a number of constituents in a similar situation to yours so I am well aware of why you needed to use the IOM.
Please rest assured that I am doing all I can to help you. I have also been in contact with the Chancellor of the Exchequer and the Treasury and I hope to be going to Reykjavik myself to speak to the new Government following the Icelandic General Election which takes place on April 25th in order to see what I can do for you and others who have lost money following the collapse of the Icelandic Banks.
I will keep you informed of any developments in my own diplomatic efforts on your behalf. I am very sympathetic to your situation.
Yours sincerely,
Fabian Hamilton
Labour Member of Parliament for Leeds North East
Fabian Hamilton cleverly attempts, in his reply, to shift the blame to Iceland totally ignoring the facts that British citizens without UK addresses were forced to use offshore banks, that the UK Government's financial services authority conned the IoM Kaupthing bank into placing over £500Million in known dodgy bank, that the UK Government caused the failure of the IoM bank and that the Chancellor has refused to pay back the half billion while at the same time using it to pay cat charities, millionaire friends (Dave Whelan) and select public companies.  Despite many more emails being sent to Fabian Hamilton (of MP Expense claim fame) the depositor and constituent has never had any further reply.  Shame on Fabian Hamilton. Shame on the people of Leeds for voting him into Parliament.
This is clearly an example of an MP trying to do the dirty and shift the blame away from the UK Government, and the Labour Party, when the facts quite clearly show the UK Government and the Chancellor Alistair Darling are 100% to blame for the desperate plight of thousands of British citizens. Disgsuting. Shame on the people of Leeds for re-electing this man in the 2010 General Election.