Forced Offshore

The is the major issue that the UK Labour Government have, and continue to, cover-up.  In admitting this, they would have to admit that the action of Alistair Darling on the 7th of October severely affected British Citizens; in direct contrast to their marketing spin that they had in fact protected British Citizens.

On the 6th of November 2008, one month after they pulled the rug from under the feet of hard working British Citizens, Mr Ian Pearson stood up in the House of Commons and stated that there was no legal obstruction to opening a UK bank account without a UK address.  British MPs were immediately informed that this was a misleading statement but there was never any investigation nor questioning about this statement.  Indeed, after the statement UK Banks said they were 'puzzled' by the statement and even the Treasury in a Select Committee meeting said that they needed to investigate why it was so hard to open a UK Bank account with no UK address.

But the lie continues.  Six months after the action taken by the Labour Government Alistair Darling an email from the British Ministry of Justice stated "The Money Laundering Regulations 2007, and other anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist finance legislation, are not a determining factor in banks’ decisions to make available UK personal current accounts or savings accounts to persons without an address in the UK."  Far from being the truth, it is a direct result of the 2007 Money Laundering Regulations that Britsh Citizens without a UK address were, and still are, unable to open nor maintain a UK bank account.


By forcing British Citizens offshore the UK Government were washing their hands of the very people who bring large sums of foreign revenue into the United Kingdom.  After then destroying their lives the UK Government then completely ignored the fact that an action taken by the UK Government was the single cause of their dilemma.
This damning proof of the Gordon Brown 'led' Governments refusal to take responsibility in a human disaster, of its own making, is demonstrated over and over.
  1. After Ian Pearson stood in the House of Commons and told his fellow MP's that there was no reason to use offshore banks Simon Bain, of the Scottish Herald, did some digging. "All the high street banks contacted by The Herald this week were puzzled by the minister's statement ... The banks all said that this [the need for a UK address] was due to the government's money laundering regulations. The Treasury failed to return calls yesterday, seeking explanation of the minister's comments".  The Gordon Brown 'led' Government made no comment.  The opposition parties didnt pick up on it either.  Shame.
  2. The UK's 'Treasury Select Committee' also heard, unchallenged, that 2007 'Know your customer' rules had meant that it was no longer possible for British citizens, without a UK address, to hold a UK bank account.
  3. The UK Government - fully aware of the banking issue, but shamefully unable to publicly admit it - has been quietly changing what it says about banking.  In a UK Government 'Going to live abroad' publication (by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office), it clearly stated; "Find out about the benefits of offshore banking. Once you are no longer resident in the UK, different taxation rules apply depending on your country of residence. You may want to seek independent tax advice and consider the benefits of offshore banking before you retire abroad. An offshore bank account can play an important role in helping to minimise your tax liabilities. Additional benefits may include asset protection, estate planning, confidentiality, security, and the ability to deal with English-speaking professionals who understand culture sensitivities and the unique needs of expatriates.". 

    However, sometime in 2008 (while peoples lives were being destroyed by Alistair Darling's action on 8th of Oct 2007) they quietly removed the paragraph.  It is only by comparing the publication in a web archive with what is now said that the subterfuge can be seen.

    This is the publication as it was in Feburary 2008 :-

    This is the same publication as it is now:-
The British Government, with Gordon Brown as its current figurehead, is guilty of financial genocide against its own people.  Lives have been destroyed, families wrecked.  And all because Gordon Brown wanted to look good at the G20 summit he was hosting as the time.  The lies and coverup's over the UK Governments handling of this whole affair is shameful.  Even more shameful that the opposition parties sat back and simply watched as well.