George Osborne - Continues the misery

This is George Osborne, the man who took over from Alistair Darling after being the deafeningly quiet Shadow Chancellor during Mr Darling's reign of terror.
During the saga of 2008, and it's aftermath, Mr Osborne did nothing.  Labour backbenchers did more than this man.  Eric Pickles (then Conservative party chairman) claimed to have written to Osborne but as Pickles never made another sound it will never be known if he really did write to George Osborne or if he just pretended he did.
That George Osborne should stay totaly mute while British people & families were being destroyed by Alistair Darling is astounding and shocking.
But, maybe it should have served as a hint that this guy too is either as incompetent as Darling, or worse, uncaring and on a different agenda than his office calls for. On the 16th of June 2010 he made a dinner speech at the Mansion House.  In the speech he stated 'And I have asked Hector Sants to remain at the FSA to oversee the transition and become the first new deputy governor and chief executive of the new prudential regulator.'
And as a side kick-in-the-treeth, George Osborne stated 'Alistair [Darling], you worked very hard in difficult circumstances and, although we didn’t agree on everything, on behalf of everyone here I commend the service you gave this country.'.  What about what he did to us Mr Osborne?  Why are you still ignoring that he wrecked lives due to his incompetence?
Incredible that George Osborne should make one of the major players in the destruction of British lives a financial regulator!  It simply beggers belief, shame on Gerorge Osborne.  Shame that he ignored what happened in 2008, shame that he has forgotten what a role Hector Sants played and shame that he continues to kick us in the teeth.