Greg Clark - MP for Tunbridge Wells

As with most MP's replies, Mr Clarks's is depressingly pointless, does nothing and couldnt care less that his constituents have had their lives devastated by the actions of the Government.  Voters simply dont realise the incompetence of many of their MPs. The only reply the depositor, who wrote to me, received was this familiar one:-
Dear xxxxx,
Thank you for your email to Greg Clark.
I'd be grateful if you could let me have a note of your home address.
Many thanks
Joanna Garner
PA to Greg Clark MP
The person wrote back with her address, mentioning that the house was now - due to losing everything as a consequence of the Chancellors action on the 7th of October after being forced to use an offshore bank - up for sale and that she didnt know how long she would be there for. There was no reply.  Shame on Mr Clark. Shame on the people of Tunbridge Wells for re-electing this man in the 2010 General Election.