Ian Austin - MP for Dudley North

This MP is a quiet 'behind the scenes' foot soldier for the unelected fake Prime Minister Gordon Brown.  Two constituents, working abroard and who have lost nearly 20 years of earnings between them after being forced to bank offshore (sound familiar?  Without a UK home address it is nigh-on impossible to have a UK bank account as the 2007 'Know Your Customer' legislation means banks wont allow accounts from customers without UK addresses), have been writing to Ian Austin to try and get the Chancellor to return the £552Million his Financial Services Authority conned the IoM bank into putting in the bank he then shut down.
Considering this MP's lack of concern for his constituents and his seeming ability to ignore the facts and blindly go where his leader wants him to, it is amazing that the people of Dudley North put him in Parliament.  But then considering the British apathy for politics (my own included, before the Government destroyed my family) it is of no suprise.  Maybe Ian Austin thought that by ignoring his constituents cries of pain and ignoring the facts they presented to him (which showed the Chancelor had made a mamouth mistake) they would just go away!  Shame on Ian Austin.  The UK Government, he is part of, forced British Citizens who were working abroard, bringing much needed revenue into the UK, to bank offshore; the UK Government conned the Isle of Man bank (via the IoM Financial Authority) to put half a billion pounds in a UK bank the Treasury knew was dodgy; then shutdown the UK bank and is now using the half billion to pay off cat charities, Labour-friendly millionaires (Dave Whelan) and public companies MP no doubt have shares in.
It is MP's such as Ian Austin who have aided and abetted the UK Government's attack on it's own citizens.  Shame on Ian Austin and shame on the poeple who voted for him in the 2010 General Election.