Ian Pearson - Ex-MP for Dudley South

Ian Pearson was the 'Economic Secretary to the Treasury' at the time of Alistair Darling's catastrophic action and the person who acted as Alistair Darling's mouthpiece in the aftermath.  He was one of the key 'ring leaders' in the Government coverup of the Kaupthing Singer and Freidlander disaster caused by the UK Government and at every point Ian Pearson was the prominant player in misleading parliament (and the British public) and attempting to divert attention away from the key points in this shameful episode in UK politics.  Details of Ian Pearsons role in this disaster are documented below.
Mr Pearson appears to have started his Kaupthing Singer and Freidlander career on the 28th of October 2008.  Less than a month into his role as Darling's mouthpeice.  Mr Cawsey (MP) asked Mr Pearson if UK Charities would be protected by the Government.  Mr Pearson's response gave a - now familiar - responsibility diverting reply which basically said it was up to the FSCS (UK Financial Services Compensation Scheme).  Remember, the disaster was of Alistair Darlings making in the first place when he suddenly put Kaupthing HF into liquidation - the bank did  not go bust itself, Alistair Darling shut it down.

5th November 2008 - One month after the UK Government created disaster

On 5th of November 2008, Mr Pearson starts the offensive against fellow British Citizens with a curt and disgusting response to a serious question.  Mr Swayne (MP for New Forest West) asked if depositors in Kaupthing Singer and Freidlander IoM bank would be included in the Chancellor of the Exchequer's compensation scheme and if the Chancellor of the Exchequer would make a statement. Mr Swayne had started to receive the letters of agony from his constituents and, as the good MP he is, raised the matter in Parliament.  Remembering that the Blair/Brown Government had forced people without a UK address to bank offshore (IE. To the Isle of Man), that the Treasury's FSA had advised Kaupthing Singer and Freidlander IoM to put a huge wad (£552Million) in the same Kaupthing HF bank that the UK Government put into liquidation and that the Treasury had the power to get the £552Million returned, the answer was just incredible, and showed the Brown Government's total lack of responsibility for its own actions; Mr Pearson replied with three short shameful sentences saying that it was for the Isle of Man to sort out.  Shame on Mr Pearson shame on the Brown Government.

6th November 2008 - 5 weeks after the UK Government created disaster

On 6th  November 2008, Mary Creagh (MP for Wakefield) told the UK Parliament that the collapse of Kaupthing Singer and Freidlander IoM (As caused by Alistair Darling refusing to return the £552Million the FSA had told the bank to put in Kaupthing HF) was starting to cause big problems for British Citizens. Sir John Butterfill (Bournmouth West) also pointed out that British Citizens without UK addresses 'were not allowed to open bank accounts in the UK' and hence had been forced to bank offshore.  A number of other MP's also highlighted issues their constituents were having over the UK Government's failure, these were Dr. Evan Harris (Oxford West and Abingdon), Simon Hughes (MP for North Southwark and Bermondsey), Andrew Rosindell (MP for Romford) and others.
Mr Pearson's statement was simply gob smacking.  He repeated the Chancellors statement that the British Governments obligation must be to depositors who have put their deposits into UK banks.  Mr Pearson also stated that there is no legal bar to people without UK addreses having UK accounts. Mr Pearson would have fully aware that It may be 'legally' ok, but the 'Know Your Customer' legislation enacted in 2007 meant that without a UK address a customer had to physically visit their bank branch. Impossible when working/living overseas.  Shame on Mr Pearson.  Shame on Alistair "IoM is a Tax Haven sitting in the Irish Sea" Darling.

26th November 2008 - 7 weeks after the UK Government created disaster

On the 26th of November 2008, with families (including my own) collapsing, retired folk being thrown into poverty, overseas charity workers having to leave their work and people actually going hungry, Mr Bob Spink (MP for Castle Point) once again asked the Chancellor of the Exchequer:-
  1. What assistance the chancellor planned to offer British Citizens with deposits in Kaupthing Singer and Freidlander IoM and if the chancellor would make a statement.
  2. What recent estimates he had made of the number of British Citizens who were depositors in Kaupthing Singer and Freidlander IoM, what the average size of their deposits were and if the chancellor would make a statement.
  3. What recent representations the chanceloor had received concerning the possible liquidation of Kaupthing Singer and Freidlander IoM and if the chancellor would make a statement.
  4. What recent assessment the chancellor had made of the situation the Kaupthing Singer and Freidlander IoM depositors were in.
These were questions we, hungry, were hanging off; families were collapsing due to the actions of Alistair Darling.  Mr Pearson's reply was, frankly, a punch in face to hard working Brits who had got off their backsides to work abroad and shows the Brown Government in its true light; Mr Pearson said "I refer to the answer I gave on 5th November".  That was it.  Nothing more.  Many familes (ours included) simply cried at that statement.  An amazing response to a serious question concerning a situation of the Brown Government's own making.  The answer on the 5th of November was to a different question and simply said it was for the Isle on Man to sort out. Mr Pearson should more than hang his head in shame.

Mr Pearson carried on his work as UK Government coverup agent and therfore was key player in the downfall of thousands of British Citizens lives.  Mr Pearson should hang his head in shame.
2011 Update - Maven Capital Partners, in Glasgow, should hang their heads in shame as well (and potential investors be wary!) - they have employed Ian Pearson as an adviser! Wow, an adviser! Would you take the advice of Ian Pearson?  (Note, the elderly friend of a person ruined by Messers Darling, Pearson, McCarthy-Fry, Sants and Baron Von Myners pointed out to the wonderful Maven Capital Partners that she had changed her mind in using them due to their employing the shameful Pearson - true to type for those who dont give a damn about the lives ruined, they mentioned the word libel - Mr Craig stated, in an email to an elderly lady; "I note that a potentially libellous comment about Maven Capital Partners UK LLP has appeared on the website http://www.theukgovernment.com/, perhaps you would be kind enough to advise me who is responsible for this site as we may need to ask our legal representative to contact them to discuss this specific content.".  Fantastic. We need say no more, Mr Craig has said it for us.)