IMF Perverts

14th May 2010
We start to see how global bodies, such as the IMF could allow criminals like Darling, Sants, McCarthy-Fry, Pearson, Myners etc. to commit financial genocide on their own people and get away with it.  With Dominique Strauss-Kahn now being charged with being a sex pest and pervert in New York (and yes, he has a past.....) and not forgetting Sarah McCarthy-Fry tried to get UK tax payers to pay for her hair straighteners, we can hardly be suprised that people like Alistair Darling get away with destroying peoples lives.
Until British people wake up and start to realise that these people they vote for are dreadful dreadful individuals who dont actually give a damn about who they hurt, people like Alistair Darling will continue to get away with what can only be described as international crimes.  Dont think that the issue has gone away because Darling and his cronies are no longer in positions to destroy lives; just look at Clegg's and Cameron's record in the weeks following the 8th of October 2008!  And YOU voted for them.