Kim Howells - Ex-MP for Pontypridd

A saver, who had been forced to use an offshore bank by the 2007 Banking Rules had had his 42 years of savings taken away by Alistair Darling. Not any global financial crises, not by any fault of his own, but by the actions of Alistair Darling on the 8th of October 2008.
Since day one of the, UK Government created, disaster the person had written constantly to Alistair Darling, Gordon Brown and the Treasury.  All he received were the standard replies that everyone involved was getting - it is a matter for the Isle of Man and nothing to do with the UK Government.  Completely ignoring the facts that these people didnt want to use the Isle of Man in first place, but were forced to do so by an incompetent UK Government and lazy complacent MP's' who couldnt be bothered to question the actions of a failing chancellor and a disturbed (now-ex) prime minister.
Failing to receive any meaningful reply from government, the man had written to his, MP Kim Howells.  He never received any reply back.  When a reply eventually came (months later and many letters written), it came from the MPs apologist Cristine Raybould (Kim Howells was obviously one of those MPs who considers communicating with his constituents beneath him and meanial).
The email was as follows:-

Hi Mr Halibutt,


I think the first attachment I sent didn't scan very well so I'm re-sending it.




Christine Raybould

Office of the Rt Hon Dr Kim Howells MP


The attachment was the standard Treasury response that everyone involved had been receiving; that is was a matter for the Isle of Man.  As usual, all the facts had been totally ignored and the standard fob-off had been employed.  As has been written elsewhere, the UK Government has no idea the seriousness of what Alistair Darling did on the 8th of October 2008.  MP's dont give a tuppenny damn.  The British media have obviously been gagged (or, more likely, they dont care as there is no blood or gore to show) as most UK citizens STILL have no idea that this happened.


The standard response the UK Treasury gives out (click on it for full size) and just regurgitated by Kim Howells:-


Considering what the UK treasury did it is a disgusting and despicable letter that is evasive and negligent.  Innocent British lives have been wrecked directly due to the actions of Alistair Darling, and his failed Treasury, and they send letters like this!

Shame of Alistair Darling.  Shame of the UK Treasury. Shame on Ian Pearson.  Shame on Kim Howells.  Shame on Christine Raybould. Shame on British People.