London Riots

I have had a number of messages from people asking for my comments about the London riots.  And so, I've created a seperate page here.  The riots are nothing to do with the financial genocide carried out by Alistair Darling in 2008 but perhaps the writing was being written on the wall concerning these riots.
The incumbant Government (Brown, Darling, McCarthy-Fry, Pearson, Sants, Baron von Myners) in October 2008 stole the life savings of many British people.  Their reaction was to accuse us of being Tax Dodgers while knowing full well that it was their own Banking policy rules that had forced us to use dodgy offshore locations like the Isle of Man.  It was not limited to the incumbant Government as the opposition at the time (the Conservatives & Libdems) also showed their dishonesty, in making soothing noises on the one hand while doing nothing on the other, and incompetence - one Conservative MP described us as 'investors' in the house whereas we were actually bank account holders.  If this was the way we were treated then odds are many other British people were also being mis-treated.
The British media also showed their profit-first news-last approach.  There was no blood, no great pictures or video footage and so we were largely ignored.  What else was the Press (TV & Paper) not reporting?
And finally the British people themselves.  To say they prefer to stick their heads in the sand and ignore anything that is not happening to them directly is an understatement.  I am ashamed to be British.  The reaction from fellow Brits was pathetic and disgusting.  Alistair Darling wrecked a whole load of peoples lives and families and the British people couldnt give a damn.
Put all that together, and you have a recipe for pending disaster.  Good luck to you Britain, your descent into a Third World country is largely self made.
David Cameron states that the riots are indicative of a 'Sick Society'..  How right he is!!  What he fails to say is what the cause of the sickness is.  He doesnt state the cause as the real cause is a sick Parliamentry system that enables idiots like Alistair Darling to get away with destroying British lives while sidekicks (Ian Pearson, Baron von Myners, Sarah - nice straight hair - McCarthy-Fry in this case) are able to get away with telling lies in Parliament.  When the citizens of a country find that their votes are meaningless due to the Politicians being just as bad as each other, then the most disadvantaged and unstable elements will resort to chucking chairs through shop windows!  I cannot begin to describe my anger and hatred at what the UK Parliament allowed rogue MP's get away with in October 2008 so, while I cannot condone what the hoodies are doing, I can fully understand what has driven them to riot!  The causes are not a swallows flight away from the causes of the riots in Egypt and Syria....