Mark Williams - MP for Ceredigion

A number of his constituents and depositors have contacted this site to nominate Mark for the roll of honour.
On the 30th of June 2009 Mr Williams stood in the House of Commons and posed the question '[Would] the Chancellor of the Exchequer establish an inquiry into events leading to and following the failure Kaupthing Singer and Friedlander (Isle of Man) and would he make a statement".
The question was brushed off by Darling's apologist Sarah McCarthy-Fry [Alistair Darling has not got the guts to answer questions concerning his role in the destruction of thousands of British lives].  She just spouted the incorrect rubbish about it being a matter for the Isle of man government; even though it was the British Government who forced thousands of British Citizens to bank offshore in the first place, even though it was the British Government's FSA who advised the Isle of Man bank to put £550Million in the dodgy UK bank, even though it was the British Government who used a lie to shut down the Kaupthing HF bank and even though it continues to be the British Government who totally ignore the crys of desperation from thousands of British citizens who have seen their lives destroyed by the British Governments actions.
We thank Mark Williams and hope that he will continue to ignore his Parties leadership's example and help fight an unjust, morally corrupt and disgusting British Government.  As mentioned elswehere on the website, this has nothing to do with Party Politics but everything to do with sheer incompetency and negligence, verging on criminal, by the current British Government.