Michael Connarty

This is the MP for Linithgow and Falkirk East.  Mr Connarty was written to by one of his consituents who, like many of us, had lost a very sustantial portion of his life savings due to not being able to maintain or open a UK bank account.
The depositor wrote to his MP, Mr Connarty, pointing out that he could not keep his UK bank account as the bank forced him to close his account when he - like myself - tried to change his address.  The depositor pointed out that he had been forced to use an offshore bank, the UK Government had conned KSF IoM into putting half a billion pounds in a dodgy UK bank and the Chancellor had then forced that bank to close!
The depositor went on to describe the consequences of Mr Darling's action and stressed that he had wanted to keep his savings in the UK but Government legislation had meant that UK banks didnt want to know.
The response from Michael Connarty was dynamite;
Dear xxxxx,
My son moved to Australia some time ago. He was a contractor and had all the same choices as you.
He has never closed his account with his UK bank and certainly never followed the advice he was given which would have minimised his UK tax contributions, by having his money transferred into an offshore bank. The IOM was one route suggested which he did not take. I would have given him similar advice, particularly in regard to the Icelandic banks, as my Economics studies warned of disaster impending. The cause of your financial situation was the Icelandic banks combined with the use of the Tax haven of the IoM, not the UK government or the UK tax-payers.
Michael Connarty MP
So, Micheal Connarty starts off by telling the depositor that he doesnt believe him about the having to close his UK bank accounts.  I put to Mr Connarty that an investigation by the Scottish Herald newspaper into this, and an admission by the Treasury Select Committee that indeed 2007 'Know Your Customer' legislation has meant it is very difficult for non-domiciled UK citizens to open or hold UK banks, has shown that his response is simply wrong.  Further, I have made enquiries and found that many people - perhaps Mr Connarty's son as well - use relatives or close friends UK addresses so that they can keep their UK bank accounts.  If Mr Connartys son has used that ploy then it is dishonest and Mr Connarty should step down now.
Mr Connarty then goes on to make a veiled accusation that the depositor moved his money offshore for tax reasons!
This is an incredible reply by a British MP to one if his consituents. Despite all the evidence showing that the UK Government made a monsterous mistake and despite even a Treasury Select Committee hearing concluding that indeed it is near impossible for non-domiciled British Citizens to hold UK bank accounts Mr Connarty attempts to deny it all.  The cause of our financial situation was 100% of the UK Governments making and MPs such as Mr Connarty are simply making theselves look foolish by denying the facts.
A shameful MP and shame on the people of Linithgow and Falkirk for re-electing this dreadful individual.