Nick Clegg - Lib Dem leader

This is an MP who is more concerned with becoming the leader of his political party than he is for fighting for British people. Many British people, constituents and non-constituents alike, have written emailed and faxed Mr Clegg but the fob-off replies have all been the same. Exactly the same in fact. Word for word the same.  Shame on Mr Clegg. Shame on the Liberal Democrats, Shame on the people of Sheffield Hallam who voted for Nick Clegg.
The reply ALL depositors who wrote (some many times!) to Nick Clegg got was:-
Dear xxxxx, 
Thank you for your letter to Nick Clegg MP regarding Kaupthing, Singer and Friedlander, Isle of Man (KFSIOM) and for the information that you have provided. I am very sorry to read of your circumstances. This must be an extremely stressful and worrying time. Nick has asked me to reply to you on his behalf, assuring you that your comments have been fully noted and to extend his sympathies for your situation. The bank has collapsed in the wake of the action taken by the UK Government to secure Kaupthing’s UK depositors by transferring retail deposits under the “Edge” brand to ING Direct and by placing the bank into administration, in effect freezing its remaining UK based assets, including those of KFSIOM.
The Liberal Democrats agree that the British government should be pressing Iceland to repay British Isle of Man savers as well as UK depositors and we will press the Chancellor to do this. One complexity, however, is that Isle of Man savers are of different kinds and the focus of responsibility is different in each case. First, there are those with personal deposits in the Isle of Man bank, some of whom did not choose to be there, (for example because of the takeover of the Derbyshire Building Society by KFSIOM last December). Second, there are those whose investment is contained in a ‘wrapper’ from a leading insurance company and the policy holder was almost certainly unaware of the significance of the choice made on his or her behalf. Whatever happens through the Government route, investors should question their pension/insurance company’s or IFA’s judgement if the decision to invest took place after downgrades and public warnings around since misselling may have occurred. If misselling can be established then compensation may be payable through the Financial Ombudsman.
Liberal Democrat MP, Alan Beith, in his role as the Chairman of the Justice Select Committee, is also pressing the Lord Chancellor, who has some responsibility for relations with the Isle of Man, to take an active role in pressing both the Icelandic and the Isle of Man Governments to agree a scheme for repayment.
Thank you once again for emailing.
Best wishes
Anna Brown
Correspondence Manager
Office of Nick Clegg MP
Not only was the reply always standard, but to make it look like a genuine reply he would vary the first paragraph to suit whatever the depositor/constituent wrote to him!!!  This is the leader of the Liberal Democrats!!! Shame on Nick Clegg. Shame on the Liberal Democrats.
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I am now keeping a tally of the number of IDENTICAL (With first paragraph 'personalised') letters/emails from Nick Clegg.  Many other MP's are doing the same thing but for a 'Leader' to do that is just shameful.  Shame on you Nick Clegg.
Tally; 14 Emails, 25 letters
Nick Clegg ignores the fact that most of the British citizens affected - and whose lives have been wrecked by this - were forced to use offshore banks as they did not have UK addresses and 2007 'Know your customer' legislation that was brought in by this UK Government meant that UK banks just didnt want their custom.
Nick Clegg ignores the fact that the UK Government's FSA conned the IoM bank into putting over half a billion pounds into its known-dodgy UK sister bank.
Nick Clegg ignores the fact that it was the British Chancellor Alistair Darling - nothing to do with Iceland - who took the UK bank into liquidation.
Nick Clegg ignores the fact that the British  Chancellor Alistair Darling - has refused to instruct the UK liquidator to give back the £552Million despite instructing the UK liquidator to pay back cat charities, Labour friendly millionaires (Dave Whelan) and select public companies.
Nick Clegg ignores the screams of agony from British people and allows the UK Labour Government to get away with financial genocide. Shame on you Nick Clegg. Shame on your apologists.