Paul 'Lord' Myners

This is the face of Paul Myners. Paul Myners is the author of most of the fobbing off response letters from the UK Treasury.
In his responses Myners ignores the facts that have been put to the Treasury and gives that standard response that it is an issue for the Isle of Man government.  This despite the facts that most of the British people the UK treasury condemned to destitution, dispair and now even death were forced to use offshore banks in the first place!  Cleverly, the Government use Paul Myners to write the responses as he is UNELECTED and a LIFE PEER - in fact it is a remarkable co-incidence that he took this post immediately after Alistar Darling took his lie-based action in October 2008; one wonders if he was appointed to be the scapegoat knowing that as he is unelected he wont risk losing his seat...
An example of Paul Myners responses can be seen here.
And Paul Myners ignored the facts that it was the UK Government who stole the lives of the British people it forced offshore in the first place.  His hypocracy was breathtaking, he even threatening Iceland if it didnt pay back the UK Government's ill-advised loan while totally ignoring what the UK Government had done!!!
Interesting update.  The company that deals in Hedge Funds, Cevian Capital has employed him!!  Probably says more about Cevian than of the dreadful Myners. Although investors with Cevian beware.  Another interesting thing about the Baron, his Wiki page has had to be protected due to vandalism (Also note that the only reference to Myners involvment in the Kaupthing disaster is that he helped Charities.  Nothing about his involvment in the destruction of British lives and families - censorship in Wiki pages, never..!).  Seems a number of people dont like him. Wonder why....?
ARK (Absolute Return for Kids) made an interesting appointment of Paul Myners onto its board.  When we asked ARK's media representative (Lesley Smith) what justification there could be for Myners appointment - in light of his role in the 2008 debacle - this was the eventual reply; Mr Myners is a respected former government minister and a committed philanthropist who was and is committed to supporting ARK's mission to help disadvantaged children. ARK welcomed his support. He stood down when professional commitments meant he could no longer commit the time he wished to ARK. I have no further comment.  So according to a charity who supposedly helps children, Myners is a respected former government minister!  Well, considering Myners has never actually been a minister (he was 'Financial Services Secretary') we can only assume that ARK's 'Media Repesentative' does not know who/what Myners is nor his actions in the past; seems odd for a 'Media Representative'.  Perhaps Lesley Smith can also learn, from ARK's own media releases that Paul Myners is a Trustee of the 'charity'Perhaps people wanting to contribute to ARK should bare this all in mind. Perhaps ARK like having trustee's who help to create suffering kids, so that they can then look after them.
Shame on Paul Myners. Shame on Cevian Capital & shame on ARK