Quotes from a Failed UK Parliament

A Government is supposed to be there for people...

Not this one!

In trying to communicate with Government, most British citizens have met a brick wall of silence. No doubt they are trying the old adage of 'Ignore them and they will go away'.  Well, not us.  You dont have a Government steal your life savings and eventually just go away.  Here are some amazing responses from a Government who appear more willing to to coverup than to tackle things.

The Treasury

The very Government department whose boss (Alistair Darling) lied through his teeth when he said his imortal words before wrecking the lives of hundreds.
This was sent by the treasury to someone seeing his life fall apart due to Darling and his bunch of reprobates in the 'Treasury'.  This person had started writing early in the year.  Eventually (at the end of July) he got a reply:-
I would like to apologise for the delay you have experienced in receiving a response to your e-mail.

Our aim is to reply to all correspondence within 15 working days of receipt. However, the current economic and financial situation has given rise to a big increase in the volume of related correspondence, which has created a long backlog . We are now working very hard to clear the backlog quickly and to ensure the necessary processes are in place to deal with higher volumes of correspondence.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs P Wright
HM Treasury
Correspondence and Enquiry Unit

Amazing and disgusting.  Shame on the Mrs P Wright.  Peoples lives have been wrecked by the department she works for and yet she fobs them off with political rubbish.