Richard Ottaway - MP for Croyon South

Like most MP's replies, Mr Ottaway's is pointless and does nothing.  When he could be bothered to reply (or at least, used his Personal Assistant to) it just showed that he had not even bothered to read the email that had been sent to him by his constituent.
In the email sent to Mr Ottaway, the constituent emphasised that he was now homeless and that he (like myself and many of those affected) had been forced to use an offshore bank by 2007 'Know Your Customer' legislation and that the whole catastrophy was due to the £552Million the Chancellor refused (and still does to this day) to give back despite having the power to do so.
This was the reply from Mt Ottaway;
Dear xxxxxxx
Thank you for your email.
Could you please supply your full postal address.
Kind regards.
Gilly Hal
Shame on Mr Ottaway. Shame on the people of Croyon for re-electing this man in the 2010 General Election.