Sarah McCarthy-Fry - Ex-MP for Portsmouth North

This is Sarah McCarthy-Fry.  The MP who tried to claim MPs expenses for an expensive hair straightener!  Sarah was 'Exchequer secretary to the Treasury'. The same treasury which, on the 8th of October 2008, destroyed the lives of thousands of British Citizens based on a lie by Alistair Darling.
Many of her constituents, and treasury-victims, had written to McCarthy-Fry and, as you might expect, received the standard fob-off rubbish that failed to address the real issues - the main being that the UK Government forced overseas British Citizens to bank offshore and then single-handedly destroyed the bank they were forced to use.
On the 30th of June 2009, 9 months after the Treasury had destroyed peoples lives, Mr Mark Williams asked the Chancellor if there would be an enquiry into the handling of the Kaupthing disaster (Remember, the UK Government sowed the seeds for this disaster by forcing non-domiciled British Citizens to use offshore banks and then triggered the human catastropthy by ignoring the fact that their FSA had advised the Isle of Man KSF bank to put huge deposits in the UK bank which Alistair Darling shut down based on a bare faced lie.).  McCarthy-Fry, shamefully, simply trotted out the response (Alistair Darling doesnt bother answering these difficult questions, he uses expendable and foolish MPs such and McCarthy-Fry and Pearson) of "Kaupthing Singer and Friedlander Isle of Man (KSF IOM) is not a subsidiary of KSF in the UK, but of the Icelandic parent company. Oversight of KSF IOM is the responsibility of the Isle of Man’s Financial Supervision Commission and therefore the question of a review would be primarily a matter for the Isle of Man Government."
She ignored all the facts.  She ignored the question put by Mr Mark Williams.  She ignored the human disaster that Darling's actions caused to British Citizens.  She simply did as her controllers asked and evaded the question and issue.
Shame on Sarah McCarthy-Fry.  It is people such as McCarthy-Fry who bring the UK Parliament into disrepute and she didn't give a damn. Disgusting.
On the 9th of November 2009, one year and one month after her boss - Alistair Darling - destroyed the lives & families of British people, Roger Gail MP put the question:-
When does the Chancellor of the Exchequer plan to take steps to assist UK citizens who have lost funds invested [Roger Gale's word.  However this was NOT an investment it was savings in a bank!] in Kaupthing Singer Isle of Man which were subsequently transferred to London.
Remembering that;
1. British overseas citizens were forced to use offshore banking by the 2007 UK Government 'Know your customer' rules.
2. The UK Government FSA persuaded the IoM Kaupthing bank to put most of its assets - £550Million - in the London sister bank just months before Darling struck.
3. It was the Chancellor, Alistair Darling, who caused the catastrophy in the first place when he suddenly took all UK retails out of the London Kaupthing HF bank, gave them to ING (bet ING's shareholders sent Darling a Christmas card!) and forced Kaupthing HF into liquidation.  No 'Global Downturn', but the direct action of the Labour Chancellor Alistair Darling.
4. Ever since the 9th of October 2008, when Darling threw thousands of British Citizens into the gutter, he has retained the power to instruct the liquidator to return the $550Million.  He has not used it because it would mean admitting fallabilty.  He HAS used it to return money to Labour friendly millionaires such as Dave Whelan and vote-winning charities; but to actual Briish people and families no.

The boufant (on Tax payers money, she claimed £100 for hair straighteners from the UK Tax payer) Sarah McCarthy-Fry replied:-
Kaupthing Singer and Friedlander Isle of Man is not a subsidiary of KSF in the UK but of the Icelandic parent company.  Oversight of KSF IoM is the responsibility of the Isle of Man's Financial Supervision Commission.  Arrangements for depositors in KSF IoM are a matter for the Isle of Man Government.
Both KSF IoM and KSF UK are subject to insolvency proceedings in the respective juristictions.
That was it.  After over a year of daily nightmares caused by the British Government, that is what Sarah McCarthy-Fry has to say.  Shame on Sarah McCarthy-fry and good riddance.

After discovering that Ms McCarthy-Fry is now employed by the weapons manufacturer, GKN Aerospace, we wrote to the Company asking for their comments about employing Ms McCarthy-Fry considering her history as documented above.  Despite writing to GKN Westland numourous times we have, as yet, not had any response.
Ms McCarthy-Fry is now 'Financial Controller at GKN Aerospace' in Cowes Isle of Wight according to her public LinkedIn profile. On her page (See ) she doesn't appear to mention the people whose lives she helped to destroy. Shame on GKN Aerospace for employing such a dreadful person.