UK Government Standards

One depositor, who had been forced to use the offshore bank the UK Government destroyed, was so incensed by Ian Pearson's statement in the House of Commons on the 6th of November - that there was no reason British citizens had to use offshore banks - he tried to report Ian Pearson to the Speaker of the House of Commons.
He sent this website the sorry trail of correspondance between himself and the UK Parliament.  It just goes to show how Governments can get away with being economical with the truth in Parliament and how the current ,shameful, Government will end up getting away with financial genocide against its own people.
On the 6th of November 2008, one month after the UK Chancellor forced Kaupthing HF into liquidation and destroyed the lives of thousands of British citizens who had been forced to use offshore banks, the Chancellor's mouth-piece, Ian Pearson, stood up in parliament and stated "There is no legal bar under UK financial services regulation that would prevent a non-UK resident from opening a new bank account here. When an account is opened remotely, more onerous anti-money laundering checks are, quite properly, required because of the increased risks involved. This might well be a factor in the willingness of some UK banks to offer new accounts to non-residents. However, this would not be a burden for customers who move offshore but wish to retain existing accounts.".  This was so obviously an attempt by Pearson to mislead Parliament into thinking that British citizens had other (IE. Tax) reasons for banking offshore (Even the banks themselves were suprised by the statement - as Simon Bain of the Glasgow Herald found in his investigation and as the Treasury Select Committee heard  )